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It’s Only Been A Year…And A Half. Details.

This blog is SO outdated, I just can’t.  I spend pretty much all day writing & tweeting for the LOVE of my life The Bert Show (there’s literally not ONE ounce of sarcasm in that sentence – which is a feat for those of you who know me. I’m one of the few people in … Continue reading

Bling Bling When I Hear That Bass…

Got a portable table top photo studio for Christmas, so I decided to whip out some old costume jewelry – and voila, the results: bling bling for the belle of the Mardi Gras ball.

Three Weddings And A Trip Coast-To-Coast

I’ve had three of my friends get married recently in quick succession – one from childhood, the other two from college – my roommates (well one was an across-the-hall mate, same difference). I snapped a few pics at each very different wedding with very different locations: a wildlife conservation ranch out by Laguna Beach, California, … Continue reading


A photo’s worth a thousand words, but this one just requires one. Debauchery.

The Frozen Tundra And/Or Winter Wonderland

So, blogging on a regular basis is most definitely NOT my New Year’s resolution (I have issues with setting myself up for failure), but the fun news is I might actually get my act together now that I have no excuses. I took a trip to upstate NY ( a feature of more than a … Continue reading

When Animals Attack

Disclaimer: No humans were harmed in the taking of these photos.                


Seeing as trick-or-treating would just be straight up shady at my age, and the only “excuses” (aka children) I know are 1,000 miles away, I’ll settle for a tame Halloween with watered-down Rocky Horror (it’s Glee-tastic) & the candy I bought for our apartment “trick-or-treaters” *cough*. Oh, and this pic:

Flash Back: Southern Ivy

Monica, the subject of many a shoot, was one of the original “models,” if you will, that I initially worked with. Besides convincing me to take the leap many moons ago and upgrade my antiquated camera (seriously, a solid hand-me-down from my grandfather,  it said “Made in the USSR” on the bottom, I kid you … Continue reading

Get Your Nosh On: Savu

A few weeks ago (I know, since when do you ever expect timely posts from me?) I had the chance to visit the fine folks over at Savu at the W Hotel – Perimeter. Chef Stacie plated some fantastic looking food (personal look-but-don’t-you-touch policy), and gave a sneak peak of their signature winter hot chocolate … Continue reading

The Cutest Baby You Ever Saw

My amazing colleague & force of nature, Chardina, invited me to take some family portraits before her sister moved away from her Georgia-based immediate family. Along with them came the cutest baby I have ever seen and this means a lot, coming from someone who spends a lot of their time unclear on their stance … Continue reading

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