Emory Cares @ Oakland Cemetery

Today was Emory Cares International Service Day, and across the world, over 1,200 Emory students & alumni participated in service projects.  I headed to a project at Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery to fix up the Georgia Historical Society’s historic marker landmark that Bobby Jones (golfer and Emory Law alumnus), Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind), 25 Atlanta Mayors, 6 Georgia Governors and more notable greats call their final resting place.

Despite the heavy labor, being attacked by fire ants (vicious little beasts – we were warned) and capturing a ghost in a photo (ok, so you tell me what it is), the project was a great success: we left the cemetery greener, cleaner, and mulchier (is that even a word) than when we arrived. The day was gorgeous – the fall sunlight elongated the shadows of the ornate graves, and with the cobble-stoned pathways breaking the horizon against a backdrop of the Atlanta skyline, well, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day.

And it didn’t hurt that 6 Feet Under was right across the street.


Oakland Cemetery Entryway




Stained glass in an above ground tomb




Joining the ranks


Historical Intersection


Grave of Maynard Jackson (former ATL Mayor)

Ghost = blur in right corner. Well, you tell me what it is, then.

Ghost = blur in right corner. Well, you tell me what it is, then.


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