The Frozen Tundra And/Or Winter Wonderland

So, blogging on a regular basis is most definitely NOT my New Year’s resolution (I have issues with setting myself up for failure), but the fun news is I might actually get my act together now that I have no excuses. I took a trip to upstate NY ( a feature of more than a couple of posts), and snagged some pictures of the frozen tundra winter wonderland. It rarely snows down south…although as I type this the weather is currently proving me a liar – we have around 4-6 inches of snow in Atlanta and everything in a 15+ mile radius is closed (hey, we have like 8 snow plows in the city and 2 of those are borrowed. Cut us some slack.) I love the snow (for like 30 minutes before it turns into crusty ice slush), although the thrill of snowflake catching on my tongue has been ruined by boyfriend who insists it’s frozen plane exhaust. Yum. Anyway, in summation, I’m from a southern city, so I got creepily obsessed with snow/animal tracks/mother nature while upstate. Remember your resolutions and try not to judge.








3 Responses to “The Frozen Tundra And/Or Winter Wonderland”
  1. Ben Harris says:

    Beautiful pictures, Cassie!

  2. dad says:

    You are getting good!

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