Three Weddings And A Trip Coast-To-Coast

I’ve had three of my friends get married recently in quick succession – one from childhood, the other two from college – my roommates (well one was an across-the-hall mate, same difference). I snapped a few pics at each very different wedding with very different locations: a wildlife conservation ranch out by Laguna Beach, California, an ornate, traditional Catholic Church in New Orleans, LA, and a quaint, historic property in Vinings, Georgia.

First stop: the Omni Hotel in New Orleans, LA.

On to the wildlife rehabilitation ranch in California:

Heading back down South to a beautifully restored southern home and estate in Vinings, Georgia

2 Responses to “Three Weddings And A Trip Coast-To-Coast”
  1. Lani says:

    Pretty Pretty! Did you already post the photos of your friend’s wedding on the beach? Those were pretty too!

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