When Animals Attack

Disclaimer: No humans were harmed in the taking of these photos.                 Advertisements


Seeing as trick-or-treating would just be straight up shady at my age, and the only “excuses” (aka children) I know are 1,000 miles away, I’ll settle for a tame Halloween with watered-down Rocky Horror (it’s Glee-tastic) & the candy I bought for our apartment “trick-or-treaters” *cough*. Oh, and this pic:

Flash Back: Southern Ivy

Monica, the subject of many a shoot, was one of the original “models,” if you will, that I initially worked with. Besides convincing me to take the leap many moons ago and upgrade my antiquated camera (seriously, a solid hand-me-down from my grandfather,  it said “Made in the USSR” on the bottom, I kid you … Continue reading

Get Your Nosh On: Savu

A few weeks ago (I know, since when do you ever expect timely posts from me?) I had the chance to visit the fine folks over at Savu at the W Hotel – Perimeter. Chef Stacie plated some fantastic looking food (personal look-but-don’t-you-touch policy), and gave a sneak peak of their signature winter hot chocolate … Continue reading

The Cutest Baby You Ever Saw

My amazing colleague & force of nature, Chardina, invited me to take some family portraits before her sister moved away from her Georgia-based immediate family. Along with them came the cutest baby I have ever seen and this means a lot, coming from someone who spends a lot of their time unclear on their stance … Continue reading

Midnight Train …from…Georgia

My minion amazing friend Megan left Georgia to pursue her French PhD at an Ivy in a far off land…so naturally before she left, I had to book her Saturday for a much overdue shoot.


The inimitable communicatrice & improv actress by night, Drew Dotson, needed some head shots, so we headed out to Inman Park & the Old Fourth Ward (how could you not know my shooting ground by now?) Unfortunately the bright winter light was out to get us, and we were hit with more than a few … Continue reading

The Old 4th Ward

Monica took a trip down to ATL from DC recently, and we trucked around Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, crossing paths with photographically inclined cats, stenciled graffiti skulls, & dismounted bicycle wheels. Oh, the places you’ll go.

Emory Cares @ Oakland Cemetery

Today was Emory Cares International Service Day, and across the world, over 1,200 Emory students & alumni participated in service projects.  I headed to a project at Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery to fix up the Georgia Historical Society’s historic marker landmark that Bobby Jones (golfer and Emory Law alumnus), Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind), 25 Atlanta … Continue reading

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