The Frozen Tundra And/Or Winter Wonderland

So, blogging on a regular basis is most definitely NOT my New Year’s resolution (I have issues with setting myself up for failure), but the fun news is I might actually get my act together now that I have no excuses. I took a trip to upstate NY ( a feature of more than a … Continue reading


Because I’m a little obsessive…some more HDR for your viewing pleasure.

Candy Hearts

So I’ve been a little slower than I’d have liked in my wedding photo turnaround, but here’s the first of hopefully many more to come. The bride and groom, Addy & Justin, were amazingly creative at their wedding and had a candy bar (get it, ha) for during the reception. At each guest’s seat was … Continue reading

Upstate Frame of Mind

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to upstate NY – around the Cortland area – to celebrate the wedding of a couple of friends…not too much time for pictures (but plenty of time for pumpkins, apples, cider, horseradish cheese curds, and extra-sharp cheddar straight from the farm accompanied by some rhubarb ice wine from … Continue reading

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