Three Weddings And A Trip Coast-To-Coast

I’ve had three of my friends get married recently in quick succession – one from childhood, the other two from college – my roommates (well one was an across-the-hall mate, same difference). I snapped a few pics at each very different wedding with very different locations: a wildlife conservation ranch out by Laguna Beach, California, … Continue reading

The Instigator – Alejandro

My first “shoot” that I ever did was with my sister Alyssa over winter break 2005. I used my dad’s film camera and sent the negatives to *gasp* Wally World to be developed. They stuck ’em on a disc, and I “edited” them with some rudimentary editing program that I somehow had. Thus, my love … Continue reading


Because I’m a little obsessive…some more HDR for your viewing pleasure.

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