Flash Back: Southern Ivy

Monica, the subject of many a shoot, was one of the original “models,” if you will, that I initially worked with. Besides convincing me to take the leap many moons ago and upgrade my antiquated camera (seriously, a solid hand-me-down from my grandfather,  it said “Made in the USSR” on the bottom, I kid you … Continue reading

The Old 4th Ward

Monica took a trip down to ATL from DC recently, and we trucked around Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, crossing paths with photographically inclined cats, stenciled graffiti skulls, & dismounted bicycle wheels. Oh, the places you’ll go.

Vogue cover shots…mmm…kind of.

http://www.photofunia.com … loves it! Disclaimer: I’m ONLY taking credit for the ‘insert’ photo – you know, the one that’s blatantly been uploaded or superimposed. Right, so through facebook (natch), I stumbled upon photofunia.com – basically you upload your picture and two seconds later the site applies it to an ‘original’ photo (most of the time linked for credit), and … Continue reading

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